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Lisa Giobbi has been working in what is now commonly known as aerial dance for many years with the intention of developing movement which challenges gravitational limitations. Lisa is interested in the use of aerial track harness as a tool to transform the dancer through experimentation with ungrounded movement realities. Her work in aerial track harness is evolving towards a re-discovered dance form, in which all classical story lines of conflict, love, betrayal and courage are re-examined through this adaptable apparatus. Lisa Giobbi Movement Arts is focused on investigating the ability to create suspended belief through gravitationally alternative movement.


This work questions through magic realism and the subconscious with a reflective eye; one where the laws of physics are challenged and provoked.


It has the possibility to alter the way we perceive movement in space within a dramatic context and an ability to transport us through dream states. This work in aerial track dance is an exploration of the emotional effects resulting from altering the perception of gravity and groundedness.


In addition to the classical usage of full space aerial movement,  Lisa has been working in harness with subtle exchanges of weight and focus with grounded and ungrounded intention. She is interested in this work’s instinctual surreality; subtly informing the dramatic story through changing the point of view of both performer and spectator. Each movement seen onstage is a collage of cooperation between dancer and operators which informs the movement and dramatic choices, altering the spacial environment and emotional parameters of character.

Lisa Giobbi Choreographer/Artistic Director

Lisa Giobbi (Choreographer/Artistic Director) has distinguished herself as among the early innovators of aerial dance.

Since founding the Lisa Giobbi Movement Theatre in 1991, the company has performed in theaters and opera houses throughout Europe and the United States as well as outdoor festivals and sports arenas, most notably at The Joyce Theater in NY, La Scala in Milan, La Fenici in Venice, as well as multiple engagements with the Boston Dance Umbrella Aerial festivals, Frequent Flyers Festival and the Santa Rosalia Festival in Palermo. She was a three-time guest artist in the Deutche Opera in Berlin.


Her aerial dance work has been repeatedly presented at the Wintergarten Variety in Berlin, the Apollo in Düsseldorf and the Friedrichbau in Stuttgart. She has toured excerpts from her Falling Angels show throughout Europe, North America and the Middle East with the British band the Tiger Lilies and the gala show Daniel Ezralow and Friends.


Giobbi has created choreography for and performed in film including What Dreams May Come directed by Vincent Ward and Temptesta Directed by Tim Disney as well as for independent films, music videos, commercials, fashion shows, benefits, television specials, Off Off Broadway, cabaret theater, gala presentations and rock concerts.


Her Off-Broadway work has been featured, amongst numerous other off and off-off productions, in David Rabe's Those the River Keeps and David Lynch's Industrial Symphony #1.

Ms Giobbi was the chief choreographer for five years for New York City’s Big Apple Circus, as well as choreographing and performing with St Louis’ Circus Flora where she worked in the air, on horses and an African elephant.


Lisa holds an MFA from the Peck School of the Arts, University of Wisconson. A BFA graduate of Juilliard, she joined MOMIX in 1983 where she collaborated and performed with Moses Pendleton throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas for eight years. She choreographed and performed with Pilobolus, collaborating on a number of pieces including Televisitation, Return to Maria La Baja and Lands Edge which remain in the repertoire, as well as with Martha Clarke including the Garden of Earthly Delights, Vienna: Lusthaus, Vienna: Lusthaus Revisited, Endangered Species and A Midsummer Night's Dream.


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Lisa Giobbi Movement Theatre
Lisa Giobbi Movement Theatre
Lisa Giobbi Movement Theatre